Country Home Decorating Tips

This type of home décor doesn’t require substantial financial investments; you can put into your new environment everything you like. Still, there is a number of features almost every country-style decorated house is to obtain.

Fabric plays an essential role in country home decorating as it adds special home atmosphere to the place. The most commonly used fabric in this regard is gingham. It is a very durable and easily washable fabric that can be used everywhere: in the bathroom – as a shower curtain, and all around the house as window curtains, wallpaper, furniture upholstery, etc. Your imagination is the only limit.

Using of gingham сheched wallpaper is common for putting the accent on such things as file organizers or wall shelves.

Gingham is also often used for the creation of wreaths that suit perfectly into the country style. A wide-spread fallacy is that a wreath is only a Christmas décor element. It can be used all year round is a wonderful addition to the country atmosphere. A wreath can be done not only from pine but also from intertwined wooden branches. There’s no need to turn to the professional designer in order to create a wreath. There is plenty of online instructions and books on its creation. Don’t be afraid to experiment, add the details you like, pieces of fabric, dead flowers and plants. Your wreaths can be hung on the walls as well as on entrance and interior doors.

Antique and vintage details, such as hardware, will remind you and your guests of simpler times. Vintage hardware is presented in a huge variety of styles, so you can always find the hardware, suitable to the unique style of your home.

One of the ways to display your personality in your home decorating is to use stenciling that can be placed either around the top of your room or on the shelves. Stenciling can be of different shapes and will diverse the image of your place.

Being the heart of the house, the kitchen is a commonly used place for country home decorating. A kitchen is usually decorated with roosters, cows, chickens, and apples. All mentioned details, such as gingham curtains, wreaths, and vintage elements, are widely used there.

As you see, it’s not difficult to create a country home atmosphere in any house. Don’t be afraid to implement all your dreams and ideas into life.